New here! Kind of intimidated! :D

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Hello all! I am new here. My name is Sara.
I have struggled with my hair for most of my life. I used to just keep it short so I didn't have to deal with the curls, and then when I did grow it out long, I just straightened it. My hair has gone through a lot. I used to shampoo daily until awhile ago when I started cowashing, but I never stuck with it long. I was cowashing every day though and it made my hair feel icky.

Between straightening, shampooing, products and blowdrying, my hair has a lot of damaged parts. I'm hoping I can restore my hair to it's natural curliness.

I'm excited to find you guys! My hair type is a 2b/2c, it's very thin and fine. I have read a little bit on this site about some techniques and I have decided to go no-poo! I cowashed my hair yesterday and just rinsed it today, and I am currently plopping as I type! I was shocked at how many harmful chemicals are in the shampoo and conditioner brands that I use, so I am looking for some new ones. I've heard Shea Moisture is pretty good, and there is a coconut conditioner I am looking into getting.

I'm ready to finally embrace my curls and learn the proper way to take care of them! I am Polynesian, but I was adopted, so I have Poly hair and have NO idea how to take care of it. I'm hoping that changes here soon and I am hope you ladies can help me along my journey!

Here is a pic of my hair on a "good" hair day.

I hope I did that right, I'm not used to these forums!
If any of you are Polynesian and know what type of hair I am dealing with, I would LOVE to hear from you and get some tips!

Thanks ladies! I look forward to learning more from you !


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    Hi Sara,

    Welcome! Natural to feel a little intimidated because there is so much information.

    Check out the 2 forum - you may want to post there. We are mostly a very friendly group and you'll likely get lots of responses. Good luck experimenting!
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    Hi Sara- your hair will be healthy again in no time. Check out the stickys on the top of all the sections for great tips and advice. Good luck!
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    Welcome. You and your hair are both very pretty. :)
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    I'm a total newbie too Sara! It's my 10th day on the CG Method!

    Welcome to you and yr curls! :)

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    Welcome! I love that so many new people a joining, exactly what the site needed.

    Shea Moisture is awesome, and since your hair is on the thin side, you should try the line for thin hair (it has a green label).

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    Welcome to NC:-) I have thin fine hair too and I love Shea Moisture Products(well most of them anyway)