what would you recommend for a 2B chin length curly girl?

My hair has been so dry lately.

What is a good condish and gel that I can get at the drugstore?

Is the Garnier for curly hair good?
found my curls in 2002-03. 2b or 3a shoulder length Medium texture, Highly porous (I think?).

Currently using-
any shampoo that we have on hand
Pantene normal-thick conditioner
Giovanni Leave-in Conditioner
Rockin Ringlets
Beyond The Zone mega hold gel from Sally's
Color treated to cover gray

My hair loves it when I use Coconut Oil as a leave-in treatment the night before I wash it.

Diffuse 2-3 minutes


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    I've used both the Curl&Shine and Sleek&Shine and love them both. I use the C&S as a leave-in as well. I've used them as cowashes as well.
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