Twist out on 3a hair....Caucasian

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I looked on youtube and didn't see any Caucasians doing this! Why? I think I may try it, have 3 a SUPER THICK hair, also have a ton of it.
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    Oooo please post pics. I would love to see how it turns out.

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    Looking forward to your results

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    I've tried this, but since my hair doesn't hold well, the ends don't stay curled in a twist, and they come out and get poofy. If you can find a way to hold the ends together without rubber bands I'd love to try it!
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    I have the exact same experience as romigjam.
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    chupie wrote: »

    how was that done to her hair on the right? Is there a method or instruction that one could try out?
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    chupie wrote: »

    That's not the same as a twist out. I don't think the CG facebook really did a good job at explaining what exactly that is, but it looks like it was done purposely badly. Like, they just wanted to put down hair manipulation methods that aren't wearing your hair totally completely natural everyday forever. It's kind of judgement to tell people that the only thing they should be doing to their hair is putting tons of diva products on it and letting it dry. A lot of people need hair style variety.
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