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I realize this is something that can't be fixed over night, but I wish there was a way for the Products section of to be updated. Some of the product attributes are inaccurate (sulfate-free, silicone-free, etc) and I'm sure I'm not alone in relying on this website when looking for products.

I also wish that discontinued products could be deleted or at least have some sort of label on them so you know the product is discontinued. Countless times I have found a product I want to try by searching the products only to discover it's been discontinued for years.
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    In the past, I've relied on a few dedicated CurlTalkers and product reviewers to let me know when they come across an incorrect product listing or ingredient change. I also rely on the brand let me know when they reformulate their products.

    As there are almost 8,000 products in the database, I come across these inconsistencies the same way any other NC user does -- through my personal searches. If you could let me know which products you came across that are incorrect, we'd be happy to fix the listing.

    You bring up a great suggestion though -- we can start to look into a search feature that weeds out discontinued products. But like you acknowledged, that's a longterm undertaking.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention! :)
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