using conditioner AND leave-in conditioner?

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after shampooing, is it enough only to use leave-in conditioner(LI) or do I also have to use conditioner before the LI?? If yes, how long do you allow your rinse-out conditioner to penetrate your hair?


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    I think the vast majority of us use rinse-outs, much less I would say use a leave-in. I use both and leave my rinse out in long enough to do all my shower stuff - so a few minutes I guess.
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    I don't think a leave-in alone would be enough for my hair. I use a RO every time I'm in the shower, regardless of if I "wash" or not...

    I leave it on while I do my shower routine in a clip, then rinse at the very end with cold water. Then I put leave-in on (Unless I'm using a very moisturizing product that day, then I'll just seal with oil).
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    I am too lazy to use both plus my hair is dyed therefore I limit water contact, so I skip wash out and only use leave in. Slowly coming round to the idea maybe my hair would be better with both because basically I am applying styling products to naked hair in the top half (only use leave in on the lower half). Maybe it depends how dry/ porous/ damaged your hair is?
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