why does my curly hair look that dull and lifeless?

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For one year now I have begun to start with the CG-method. My curl type is 3b and very very coarse and dry (shoulder lenght). I always needed to use lots of leave-in-conditioner and much mousse so that my hair looked great.
I use deva one condition as my leave- in and about 15 pumps of it. For 2 months now, when my hair is dry, it ALWAYS looks really lifeless and dull and I HATE my hair again. I'm so helpless and don't know, why my hair behaves like that. If I use less than this amount of leave-in, hair looks really frizzy and the hair texture feels very rough.
Would be so happy, if there's anybody outside who can give me advice so that my hair looks great again!!! :-)


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    Have you tried sealing after you apply you LI? Have you tried using gel instead of mousse? Many mousses can be drying.
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    Yes, I meant gel instead of mousse... I use Deva Curl Light Defining gel... Don't you think my hair behaves liked that because of too much LI??
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    It could be product build up, maybe you could try a sulfate free shampoo to get rid of it?
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    It sounds like product buildup.

    I know some curlies here have problems with polyquats, and I think all of the devacurl products (or most) have them. Some have said that the polyquats have been hard to get rid of and they eventually needed a silicone-free sulfate shampoo to get rid of them. But I would try a sulfate-free low-poo first, and/or baking soda cleanse followed by apple cider vinegar rinse.

    If that doesn't work I would go for a clean slate w/ a cone-free sulfate poo. You'll have to deep condition afterwards to compensate for the drying effects of the poo. Good luck!