Lazy Curly with strange curl pattern

Hello Everyone,

I've been lurking on this site for a while and also a member but haven't posted much. I am really lazy with my hair almost always putting my hair in a bun immediately after showering. As a result I tend to have flat hair or 2a hair till about ear length when it goes to 2a/2b on the outer layers and 2c to 3b on the bottom layers but its rarely a perfect pattern. There are twists, loose corkscrews, spirals, s-waves and zig zags. It also tends to loop. Naturally my hair is 2a/2b with 2c-3b curls at the bottom of the hair. I have fine hair medium density and normal porosity.

My regimen is shampoo Mondays. Condition Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Tuesdays and Thursdays just wet and go. I use sulfate free shampoo starting a year ago and conditioner without cones starting a month ago.

Is there a way to make the top layers of hair as curly as the bottom? Also I hate hairdryers and I tend to get distracted with playing with stray corkscrew curls when my hair is down. Any ideas that don't require a ton of products?


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    Make an investment in a hairdresser (one with plenty of curl experience). A good hairdresser can help balance your curls and give you a low maintenance cut.

    As for what you can do right now, if you want to effect your curl pattern you can't get away from using some kind of product. Its just a matter of finding the right one . For what you want you can probably just get away with one product that can address your curly issue. We have some really good products hear in Australia but I don't think you could find them in the US but I am sure plenty of other US CG's can help :angel7:

    Good luck!
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