t-shirts to dry hair?

I am a 2B (I think) with fine hair and either medium or high porousity and I just recently started trying a modified CG and I found this website. I've really enjoyed looking around and all the tips. I was curious about one thing, though. Everyone says you shouldn't use terry cloth on your hair and I understand that, but when I tried a t-shirt instead, it didn't soak up hardly any water. I've tried it two or three times and it wasn't any better than just not having any kind of towel. I tried scrunching with it and I tried wrapping my head in the towel and water ran down my back, but the t-shirt hardly got wet. Is that normal? I just wondered if that's how it's supposed to be or if I'm doing something wrong. I'm just using older, more threadbare terry cloth for now, but I still have this outer layer of frizz on my hair and I wonder if it is from the towels.
Thanks everybody!


  • rbbrbb Registered Users Posts: 4,355 Curl Connoisseur
    is it a cotton t? it's not supposed to soak up lots of water, mostly to get the excess out, leave it somewhere between damp and wet. our hair is better if it dries naturally, or even diffused, somewhat wet.
    threadbare terry might work, but you are better with a flour sack towel or a curl ease towel, etc.
    yes, drying your hair too much with a towel will definitely cause frizz, for me it is the major factor. my hair is soooo much better the less i dry it.

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    Have you used fabric softener on the t-shirt? That will keep it from absorbing water.
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    Do you use much fabric conditioner? That can reduce absorption, try washing your t-shirt without any. Otherwise maybe it's not a pure cotton t-shirt, some man made fabric that doesn't absorb too well in there?
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    It is 100% cotton. I don't use fabric softener... Does it make a difference if the t-shirt is new or old? I've been using new ones that I don't like, but maybe an old one would work better?
    Thanks for your help!!
  • OhSunshinex3OhSunshinex3 Registered Users Posts: 74
    You could always try a microfiber towel. I haven't used one but I've seen it mentioned a lot on here. I've been using a shammy lately but I have short hair so my hair doesn't take too long to dry anyway.

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    I use a microfiber towel to scrunch out the wet. When my hair isn't dripping anymore is when I use the tshirt.
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    I would try using an older one. Sometimes new ones can be kind of coated in fabric softener when you get them, so I feel like old ones work better. Or you can try throwing the t shirts in the wash with some vinegar, because that's suppose to clear residue off them. I scrunch my hair a bunch with my hands, which gets out some water. Then I scrunch with the outer areas of the t shirt several times, squeezing pretty tightly to get the water out, then I plop into the center of the t shirt and wear it for a few minutes. My t shirt gets really wet.
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  • EricachristinaEricachristina Registered Users Posts: 496
    I use a microfiber towel and it works well for me.
  • Grace56Grace56 Registered Users Posts: 3
    Thanks everybody. I'll try an older shirt. Maybe that is the problem. :) I had just wondered if that was how it was supposed to be.
    Thank you all for your help. I'm really enjoying this board and I'm loving the way my hair is turning out. :)
  • Morgan_AdcockMorgan_Adcock Registered Users Posts: 2,573 Curl Neophyte
    New fabric often still has "filler" in it to make it seem more substantial than it is. Also, the cotton threads may have been treated to burn off any short ends sticking up; ends which would make it more absorbent by causing it to wick better. It's quite possible that the T-shirts just need to be laundered a few more times to become more effective.

    Old dish towels are another alternative which people don't mention much, but worked well for me when I first started CGing, and didn't have any more curl-centric towels.

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