Spray Hair Cleanser Recipe

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I LOVE coconut oil and no-poo, my hair is in the best shape its ever been in. That said occasionally I do get coconut roots and my conditioner (as brilliant as it is) just can't budge it. This is my version of a hair cleaners thats worked well for me:

What you need:

1.) Rich creamy conditioner
2.) Bi-carb soda
3.) Water
4.) Spray Bottle
5.) Comb


Comine 1 part bicarb and 1 part conditioner to 2 parts water. Pour it into your spray bottle and shake well.


On dry hair I divide it into sections across my scalp. Along the line of each section I spray the mix on to my scalp brush it in and section off the next section repeating the process. Once I've done my whole head I let it sit for no loner then 5 min then rinse.


1.) I do not let it any wear near the lengths of my hair as I have dry ends.
2.) I use a henna wax after doing this and leave it on over night. My henna hair wax is amazing as it removes build up while while leaving my hair super soft. I've used the spray with out the wax after and it works fine, however it wont leave your hair with much shine.
3.) I have dry hair so I use a very rich creamy conditioner, I have found this helps balance the bicarb and keep my hair soft.

Why I like this method:

This is an easy, clean and gentle way of cleansing my hair with out dry it out. I found that now I've been co-washing for so long when I do use shampoo it results in a head of fuzz. This leaves me with soft full curls and it economic. I use the same conditioner as my co-wash and I always have bicarb in the cubed given I use it for evvvverything!

Hope this helps you curls as much as mine :thumright:
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