S.O.S help a lost curly!!!!!

I' ve been so lost lately when it comes to my hair that it stresses me out everyday!!! In the almost three years I've been grown my hair I've never had this much difficulty with it before, it's like I have a completely different head of hair.

I've been CG for about 8 months and I love my results, my curls clump very easily and are alot tighter. I have 4a hair with course to medium texture and low porosity

Styling my hair is a complete mess!!! my wash and go's are more wash and no's everything that once worked doesn't anymore, oils and butter only make my hair crispy and dry now. Gels that gave me hold don't anymore and gels that gave me soft hold give me crunch now. So everytime I style my hair I either get crunchy stringy stiff curls or frizzy messy curls.

I'm aware of always keeping a protein moisture balance so I definitely make sure to incorporate proteins in my routine every now and then since I'm finding I don't need to much.

Everything I've learned about my hair has been thrown out the window!!!! Sorry for the long post but I would be so thankful for some insight on what might be going on. I just want to love my hair again and stop fighting with it!!!


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    Maybe your hair is dry? You can try a clarifying shampoo then a deep treatment. Also, you might need to change things up for summer. Has the season changed where you live? It could be that you need to think about the presence of humectants and such in your hair care routine.
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    I finally relized I had to much protein in my routine and since cutting back my hair is so much better!!! :)

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