X-post: Does anyone NOT use a rinse-out?

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My hair is low-porosity so apart from making it easier to detangle my hair I don't see much benefit from the many RO's I've tried. My hair is fine too so when I cowash, then do a RO, then do a leavein (because that's the only thing that will stay on my hair long enough to sink in) my hair gets pretty weighed down. I have yet to find a lowpoo that doesn't either leave my hair coated or stripped. Just for the record I definitely see a difference if I don't use a leavein or use one without lots of protein, ie I get minimal wave, so at this moment I don't believe the leavein is the issue.

So I've been considering just skipping the RO. It seems like I could just cowash, rinse, put in some leavein (I use a PT usually) let it sit some while I do other stuff, detangle, give it my normal quick rinse to smooth out the tine lines and then move on to stylers. Anyone doing anything similar to this?
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    I sometimes skip a RO myself when I low-poo (I use SM) because that is enough to detangle my hair. If I co-wash, I don't bother with RO at all but I have to make sure to rinse very well so nothing is left on my hair. I follow with minimal LI. Sometimes I worry that I'm not conditioning enough and freak out but my hair is just fine, not particularly dry or damaged and this works for me. I do use a richer conditioner if I use a sulfate shampoo and that's usually only when I'm straightening my hair. HTH :)
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