Why would you never leave your curl stylist?

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Love your stylist? Why would you never leave him/her?


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    my stylist cuts my hair in a way that enables me to have a good hair day every day, some days more or less fabulous, depending on products, but always good. i have more than one hair type, as most of us do, and he can blend them seamlessly so they grow out harmoniously. i think of him as the 'curl whisperer.' he listens to what i say, we discuss what i want and how he will do that, after we agree he starts to cut. i have a few 'swipe-to-the-side' pieces of hair that are cut a little shorter. it is a bit of a trip for me to get to him, so i usually only go 3x/year, do not go in for a free 'bang trim' for these pieces, so he has shown me how to trim them myself in between haircuts. altho he has his own products he does not push them and the times that i do bring other products with me he will use them and not make me feel uncomfortable about that in any way
    my hair and i can be ourselves and he is there to bring out the best in my hair. i continually get compliments on my hair and requests for his name.
    i have been going to him since i became cg in 2006, and cannot see any change in that.

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