This summer isn't coming fast enough

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I'm supposed to move back in with my mom this summer. I shouldn't think too much about it through, knowing my luck I'll end up struck here. either way its only one more year. I should be more worried about my ACT scores and reading The Great Gatsby, but that's the farthest thing from my mind. I just want to get away from my aunt. She gets worse everyday but I seem to shut everything out besides waking her up for work in the mornings, we don't speak much. Every summer she finds a new reason for me to not leave. this years is a car. "Rather buy beer than food so lets just add a car to the mix". Her priorities are never straight.I would've loved to have had my pain medicine yesterday, but my aunt assumed she needed my prescription more than me. We can't afford to move but she get afford to buy herself a new TV and put a down payment on a car. I couldn't have possible made it any clearer that I don't want a car. She honestly shouldn't want to buy me a car I'm liable to drive myself to Florida. These four weeks aren't going by fast enough.