What hair styles can I do for transitioning hair?

MissCiHMissCiH Registered Users Posts: 11
So around 9 months ago I seriously heat damaged my hair from straightening it ONCE :sad7: (used to be 3a/b)

Its straight in some places (dead straight) wavey - ish in others, (i wouldnt even call it wave)

I do my hair in a high bun but it's just sooo boring and plain, and I have frizzy hair at the sides which makes it worse! I can't wear it down it looks flat, dead, frizzy (i know hair is dead but you know what I mean..) dry, and obviously I don't wanna use heat!

What hair styles would you recommend?
(Where you wont notice that it's heat damaged) lol

I'm having serious trouble with my hair, I've had to cut it twice but I'm thinking about cutting it above my shoulders so it doesn't look like it's hanging and drooping and all limp and lifeless and dry !

& Any other transitioning tips you think would help speed it up or make my hair healthier or whatever pls share! Thank u :)

By the way this picture was taken in January, I have had it cut and layered since then and it's a little shorter but not that much different.


  • Imani530Imani530 Registered Users Posts: 58
    I personally love the braid-out because I think it looks better than a twist but that is just me.:snorting::hello2:
  • curlicious13curlicious13 Registered Users Posts: 1,632 Curl Neophyte
    I hate the twist out with passion. It can look TERRIBLE and fuzzy if you don't know what you're doing. Try curling your hair with perm or flexi rods. Or you can do a Bantu knot out. I had a little more success with the Bantu knot out. Not as much of a hot mess.
  • naturallianaturallia Registered Users Posts: 3
    I'm a newbie too, about 6 months into my re-transition.

    Everyone's hair is different so my best advice to finding styles and good products to use is just experiment often until you get something right. I'm currently experimenting on deep condtioners (such a hastle). I really like 100% organic coconut oil so far. I've seen alot of other people say good things about it too.

    If you want to make your hair look like 5x healthier in less than a month (I swear on my life this made my hair sooooo much softer, stronger, and more awesome) USE HERBS! I take herb capsules everyday. Alot of people recommend vitamins, but those have lots of side effects and can be really harmful. I tried taking vitamins for two weeks and I literally ended up sick everyday and thew up twice. Taking herbs is like eating a tiny amount of vegetables each day, so it has alot more positives than negatives. I recommend Nature's Way brand burdock root and horsetail. Not only is my hair better, but my horrible facial skin cleared up completely and my skin is just 1000x softer overall. If you can stomach vitamins, MSM and biotin are the way to go so they say...
  • KrullenbolKrullenbol Registered Users Posts: 114
    The style I used a lot when I was transitioning was a sort of curly hair style. I would moisturize my hair, section it and then with a small tooth comb (or wide, but I prefered a small one) I would take a string a slide it in my hair close to the root, then I would turn the comb very fast while pulling it down. If you find this pretty hard to do, you can also twist the string of hair very tight around your finger, it is easier that way.

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