3 Gynecologists Fined for Disinfecting Equipment in Dishwasher

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3 Gynecologists Fined for Disinfecting Equipment in Dishwasher -

But it's recommended practice, so how can they be fined? Hopefully they're not washing dishes in there too!
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    if its general practice i dont know why they would be fined. but they should be using an autoclaved. we dont have dishwashers in my lab, we have autoclaves.
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    ya. before I clicked the link I shouted, "AUTOCLAVES FOOL"

    but....I don't see the problem, as long as it's not the same one for food, it wouldn't matter but that would be awkward.
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    They went in halfsies w/ Gosnell on a kitchen upgrade.:blob6:

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    A dishwasher seems like a good way to clean them, but they should still be autoclaved afterwards. Doctors are notoriously cheap though, so I can't see them "investing" in 2 machines to clean and sterilize their instruments. They either have a dishwasher or an autoclave, not both.

    I've seen some really slipshod cleaning of instruments. Handwashing can leave a lot of gunk behind, but folks think that if an instrument is being autoclaved, the washing process doesn't matter very much. I've seen nurses just swish a batch of used speculums through a basin of plain water (same water for the whole batch) before bagging them up for autoclaving. It's really horrible to open a freshly autoclaved instrument and find blood still on it from it's previous use. It doesn't matter that it's sterile's still horrible.
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    I wouldn't trust that a consumer dishwasher is reliably hitting 160 degrees. Nor would I trust that the jets are actually getting hot water on everything they need to sanitize.

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