Diffusing-Can this make your hair more frizzy?

I diffused to day becasue it is so cold here, and my hair is more frizy than when I air dry.
Maybe it is becasue i scrunched while diffusing :?
Does anyone scrunch while diffusing?


  • KaiaKaia Posts: 8,815Registered Users
    I do not touch my hair at all while diffusing, in fact, I barely even move the diffuser. That would be major frizz.
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  • Ab-starAb-star Posts: 1,128Registered Users
    I do not scrunch or touch my hair while diffusing. My diffuser has 'fingers' that do the scrunching for me. If I touch my hair before it dries it definitely creates frizz.
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    I found that a diffusing "sock" (like Hot Sox) works better for me than a plastic finger diffuser. I still get more frizz than from air drying though.
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