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I've been cg for awhile now. Prior to being cg I did the long arduous hair straightening which takes me two hours. Being cg diffusing takes 1 hr. pine appling, silk caps, and silk pillows never helped prevent the shrinkage and odd flattening and frizzing of my curls. Due to this I've been wetting conditioning and geling my hair everyday. However due to a move and a new commute I have even less time. I don't have time to wet detangle and then apply gel to my hair. It takes me 20 minutes to do this and I only have two minutes for my hair. So I've just been pulling it into a scrunchy. My hair looks dry and uncombed like a kid whose been roughousing at the playground. Any suggestions?
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    what products are you using and what is your routine?

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    You may need to change your "hold" product or the way you protect your hair overnight. If I just pineapple, I get frizz. I sometimes pineapple, then put scrunchies (2) down the length of the hair. Other times I pineapple, twist the pony and pin it backwards. Both these methods have cut down on my frizz. A warning, they also stretch and loosen the curl a bit. Good luck.
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    This might not work for you but I sleep with my hair in one braid (I sleep on a satin pillow case and I usually put a bonnet on may hair as well). In the morning I take the braid down and let the steam from the shower refresh my curls as I bath. In order for this to work I have to use a gel with a decent amount of hold on day one. I don't like crunchy/firm hair so I avoid strong hold gels but it needs to have enough hold to form an easily scrunched out gel cast. This allows me to extend my wash and gos for three days if I need to.
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