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Lately I've been shedding hair so much, that I can tell in some spots are thinning. I've always shed a lot in the past but this is way too much. I've been a cg for around 3 months or so now. My hair feels awesome but still have dry scalp. I live in the north where its still snowing -_-. Anyways I have a few new products and I wonder if this could be the problem or I'm not putting enough protein. My mom says it could be an allergic reaction but I'm not sure. I'm using Oyin handmade hair dew, As I am cowash conditioner, everyday shea vanilla mint conditioner, almond oil and avocado oil. I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week. I use an organic sulfate free shampoo once a week to get rid of residue and build up. Also I use an egg protein mixture once a month and deep condition once a week. I barely put heat on my hair and color it every 6 months. Just putting these out to help lol. I've never had any hair problems till I hit 18. Which its been almost 5 years. Any who, if anyone knows something about the products I mentioned, please give me something. My new regimin is working well with the softness and moisture. Still have breakage but it'll take time for that. I appreciate it very much.
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    Okay this is not a cg method, but my mother was shedding hair like crazy. I was going through a "growing my hair out fast"- even though I knew I just had to be patient phase. I bought some Mane and Tail. My hair grew out and the conditioner is cg. I loved it! However, my mom thought I was crazy for using horse grooming products haha. I told her to try it out when she was frustrated one day and she's been using it for a little less than a year now. She adores it and keeps it her little secret. If your touch the bottles she'll flip out on you. Anyway its basically a protein shampoo and a conditioner. I got mine from the drugstore for like four dollars each in the pet section. The bottle has directions for human/animal use- kinda funny. Anyway its a really good deal cause their like 32 oz. bottles. My mother has a lot left so they last for ever. Maybe you should give it a shot.
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