2b-3a Newbie, HELP Please!!

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Hi girls! I need serious help! I have six month old twins and recently decided that blowing my hair dry and straightening it with a flat iron on a regular basis is no longer an option. So I have decided to embrace my natural wavy/curly hair, but I need help, as I have no clue what types of products to use. Here is my hair profile:
-Curl: 2b-3a (3a underneath and 2b as top layer of hair, not sure if that is the natural curl of the top layer or just the result of all the damage done through the years of straightening)
-Porosity: Low porosity
-Density: High Density (thick hair)
-Width: Medium width
-Length: Medium (halfway between shoulders and bra strap)

So far I have purchased the L'Oreal EverCurl Cleansing Conditioner for in the shower, and the hydracharge leave-in cream for after the shower. I will also lightly spray some Pantene spray gel all over, scrunch, and then let it air dry. I find myself constantly going back and scrunching my hair after I put the products in though, to get the top layer of hair to curl like the underneath layer, and to try and get rid of the crunch that forms. But in the process of all the scrunching, the ends get very frizzy. I would love a product that defines and hydrates the curls, doesn't add volume (my hair is already very thick), and does away with frizz. I just need an expert to tell me a good cleansing and styling regimen and products to use for my hair type so that I can make the most of these lovely locs of mine. Thank you so much, I appreciate any tips or feedback at all!


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    Hi Owentwins! Congrats on your babies! I am not an expert (I just started in March 2013) but I thought I'd share the tips that work best for ME (although my properties are a bit different).

    To avoid frizz, my tips are:
    use more leave-in conditioner than you thought you needed
    use more gel than you thought you needed
    apply both while hair is still really wet, head upside down
    then scrunch out water with t-shirt, not terrycloth towel

    Try not to touch it much at all with your hands
    diffuse till about 80% dry

    I can relate to your decision to go wavy/curly instead of flat-ironing. I was doing the same, and had a cut that almost required it. I liked how I looked with a sleek bob, but I knew it was hurting my hair over time to do all that flat ironing. In fact, I thought my hair was "mostly straight," with a little stubborn wrinkle of a wave to it, because that is always how I have treated it.

    But now that I've ditched sulfates, and also silicones, from my hair routine and done the above steps, my hair is way wavier than I thought! When I started in early March, I thought I was a 2A. Within 2 weeks, I decided I was more of a 2B. Over the last week, with a haircut to freshen things up a bit and some further tweaks to my routine, I'm strongly in the 2B camp and maybe getting even a little curlier! The little girl across the street called out to me yesterday, "I like your curly hair!" I thought to myself, "wow, you can see it, from across the street! And you said curly!" I can hardly believe it, I've had this hair all this time and just didn't realize it because I was basically abusing it.

    Best wishes with your babies and your new hair!:binky::binky:
    Started embracing the 2b waves in March 2013. I can't believe how immediate the difference, when I stopped using sulfates! Now I need guidance on most everything else. :sunny:
    My best guess so far at my hair profile: 2b, medium porosity, fine and med width strands, low-to-med density, medium length.