Looking for moisture without oils.

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I just purchased a bunch of new products since my old stuff ran out and I am eagerly awaiting the packages. (I ordered Rockin' Ringlets, Confident Coils, and Curl Keeper.)

I do need to find something to add moisture to my hair, though. It will not tolerate any sort of oils (and I've tried tons - from Grapeseed to Olive to Coconut.) Any suggestions?

My hair hates Shea Moisture products and KCCC.
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    These are good moisturizing conditioners that I use as leave ins:
    -Acure Organics Conditioner Moroccan Argan Oil and Argan Stem Cell

    -Nature's Gate pomegranate sunflower conditioner

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    I highly recommend the Acure Organics Conditioner as a leave-in! I purchased it a few weeks ago as a RO but, as I was raking it through my hair in the shower last night, it immediately made me think of AG Re:coil. Recoil is THE HG for me - my curls slurp it up and turn into big, fat clumps immediately and my hair feel squooshy, soft and fluffy (hard to explain but all good things) while I'm scrunching it in. Nothing else until now, has felt that way.

    So, I didn't rinse it out but did squeeze a lot of it out (I use a LOT of RO) and used my home-made FSG as the gel.

    The results are very similar to Recoil. Like, almost identical. My hair is soft, very botticelli and frizz-free. The only difference is that my hair felt very product-y/waxy when I SOTC this morning (less so now, in the eve.). I think I used too much so I'll use something else as the RO next time and the Acure as the LI so I can better control the amount.

    I have not found a LI that has worked this well for this cheap. Most LIs/curl creams/curl enhancers that I've tried have oils that make my hair greasy and droopy and the ones that don't haven't given me these results. The earth mamma in me wishes I could find something less "lab-created" but the vain princess in me wants great hair. Regardless, I am VERY excited at this accidental find.
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    Try the Eden body works line. My hair ❤ ❤s the deep condition.
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    Oils don't moisturise anyway, humectants and emollients do and the Curl Keeper is loaded with propylene glycol. Any basic conditioner is a good source of emollients - cationic surfactants and fatty alcohols. Rockin Ringlets may well dry your hair out with regular use, that is how magnesium sulphate works to boost curl.
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    Ingredients like propylene glycol, sorbitol, glycerin, aloe, fructose (or fruit juices) can be good humectants. I find just any good suave conditioner can do the job:) and most have several of these ingredients.
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