Dunno How to Handle My Hair

KayeHollieKayeHollie Posts: 6Registered Users
So, my hair is pretty heat damaged, so for the moment I'm going to transition until I'm ready to BC. I love my braid-outs and all, but I'd like to try other styles. However, it's hard to try other styles/find other products to use when I don't quite know my natural hair type, etc etc. Below are some pictures of my hair. (Top left is of the left side of my hair, Bottom left is of the right side).
Any tips on shampoos/conditioners to use? Oils? Hairstyles? Do's and Donts? Anything would be really helpful.

-- A 2 Months Transitioning Teen


  • Imani530Imani530 Posts: 58Registered Users
    SheaMoisture line is really really good.
  • verlisverlis Posts: 16Registered Users
    What about buns? Your hair looks long enough and there are so many different types of buns you could explore. Regular buns, sock buns, marley buns, etc.

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