Fix it! Products, Method, or Cut? (photos)

stephaniekleinstephanieklein Registered Users Posts: 10
I've tried the super-soaker method, icequeen, pump and scrunch, rake and shake. Plopping, double plops, diffusing upside-down for volume. The problem? My curls aren't clumping into large enough clumps, and toward the ends, even though they hold their curl, the mass of my hair looks stringy not plumped and clumped. Is this something only a cut will cure?

I've tried Aphogee protein 2-step treatment, deep conditioning with coconut oil. I use sulfate-free shampoo or co-condition with Hello Hydration. I use AG re:coil and Curl Keeper. I've used Ouidad Climate Control. I use enough product that I always hear that juicy squish sound when I scrunch before I plop. I've scrunched the crunch out of LA Looks Sport Gel. I've tried the Shea Moisture Milk for thinning hair. Still, the curl clumps always break up into stringy thinner curls.

Any suggestions? Does it come down to a cut? If yes, then what type of cut do I ask for? I LOVE having long hair! Obviously "long layers," but is the shape right? Do I want the layers cut bluntly?

3A curls (I think), very fine hairs, medium density, medium-low porosity. I want big clumps and volume!


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    I see nothing wrong with your hair its so pretty! But stringy ends either mean protein or a trim for me. Good luck.
  • stephaniekleinstephanieklein Registered Users Posts: 10
    Still very stringy curls, where the curls are narrow and self-contained, not big and fat loops (which is what I want). I worry that a cut can't fix this. Oh, what to do!
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    You look like you have less hair at those ends, which means that to even it out you probably need a cut as nothing will make you have as much hair there as the rest of your thickness.

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    The length and weight of your hair is probably pulling the curl out. A haircut with the right layers will also help. It will reshape your hair and get rid of the the stringiness at the bottom. Here's a link that will help you with what you need to know
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    I guess I see the ends thing but mostly I think it looks beautiful.
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    I agree with everyone else.Your hair is positively gorgeous. And the only reason it seems a tad "stringy" at the ends (your words, not mine) is because there is less hair there for your curl to grab onto. It can't twine around itself, clump, and form a ringlet. Sometimes the ends of 3A hair can have the tightest ringlets because weight isn't pulling on them. So just a trim/reshape. Don't let them take any of the juicy clumpy parts off.
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    My curls tend to get stringy if I rake my fingers or comb my hair after the final rinse of water in the shower.

    I don't rake my product in my hair anymore lest I break up the clumps. Instead if raking, I smooth. This way I get big juicy bouncy curls.'

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  • stephaniekleinstephanieklein Registered Users Posts: 10
    Ooh, good tip. I will try smoothing and hope that I get it evenly distributed!

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