I'm tired, want a pixie cut

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When I was little, I had wavy/curly hair, zero frizz. But my mom made me go to school with a lot of gel and spray, and it really damaged it. i went through a lot of changes until I decided to let it grow so the curl would loose. Right now I have 3a/3b curly hair, long past my shoulders, but the weird thing is that if I do a ponytail or a bun it gets kinda wavy or straight but with frizz so it still doesn't look good. I can't wear my hair down because it is always frizzy no matter what I do. It is not curly anymore, it's just formless.

I've always wanted a pixie cut and I have decided to do it, even if I have to relax or permanently straight my hair to get the result that I want My question is, is there a form to get a wavy/straight pixie cut without using chemicals? Or what's the best way to keep it straight in order to have a pixie cut. Also, is it possible to grow my curls looser after it? I dont want to have straight hair, just wavy or 3a but without frizz.

Please don't tell me to embrace my curls or something like that because I am really tired of them, and I have made up my mind for the pixie cut


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    Well depending on how much root curl you have and how short the cut is the straighter your hair will look. I recently cut my hair into a pixe cut and I can say that it is really low maintenance so yah hope you like like your hair short

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