i need a styler with hold 3b/c mix, fine strands, normal porosity

bleuyteuybleuyteuy Registered Users Posts: 273
i have been using nourish spa conditioner and then raking clear eco styler gel through my hair.

and in that sentence lies my first problem. im attempting to RAKE eco styler gel throughout my hair. anyone who's tried this stuff knows its THICK and its hard to rake.

i like eco styler gel because it gives me pretty good hold and i get 3rd day hair with it not to mention its a great price AND CG friendly but i think raking it breaks my hair off.

can anyone suggest a styler that i can use instead of this and also recommend what they use/their regimen.

gel, pudding...whatever.

thanks ladies


  • verlisverlis Registered Users Posts: 16
    That's what I do to. Only I use the pink ecostyler because its a little lighter of a hold and it doesn't make my hair as crunchy. I'm a 3c but if I don't use gel my curls just completely frizz and shrink when my hair dries. The only thing that makes them stay besides gel is Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie but I still have to comb it through. My hair is thin and I don't get many tangles so I used to just rake it through. Now that its a bit longer I divide my hair into 4 sections to take it through each section. Maybe if you divide your hair you won't have as much hair to go through so less tangles and breakage? I'm pretty new to this a little less than a year fully curly but is there anything you wouldn't have to comb through? I've tried that and the gel/cream just sort of set on my hair and it bunched together when I didn't comb. And last thought have you thought about the tightly curly method? That one relies on conditioner instead of gel.
  • bleuyteuybleuyteuy Registered Users Posts: 273
    I dont use combs only fingers.
    Ive been thinking about trying the tightly curly/shingling method but i cant stick to it its time consuming lol which is why I rake all of my products. Ill probably try the Shea moisture line.

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