Some one Fraud my sister am MAD

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I am so mad i have to let it out and seek advice b4 i kill the ***** who did that to my sister, what happened is that my sister takes self development course and her instructor THE ***** who fraud her offered to buy something for my sister a thing she was looking for since shez new in that area, my sister gave her the money and she never heard from that so called self development instructor.

since December my sister has been calling and that ***** wouldn't answer or just make promises and slack off, and finally today the woman was yelling at my sister and told her to piss off and she will give that thing to someone and my sis can go pick it up, the argument escalated til sis decided to hang up and when she did that ***** sent her very offensive msgs, am soooo soo mad although this is my older sis but i feel protective of her and i wanna teach that fake woman a culd she call her self a self development instructor when she frauds others and yell at them.

I know my sister was at fault for being very trusting but this is she , and she sees the good ij others and never imagined this could happen to her, i told my sister to go and spread that word of mouth about that instructor in the centre so they know who she is but she refused ! am frustrated especially that me n my sister don't live in the same country am so mad i got that woman's Facebook and looking for her number just n case she dare coming near my sister.

What would u do if ur in my sister's shoe?


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    Wow, I'm sorry that happened to your sister. Probably the best thing for her to do is figure out her legal options. Would you saying how much money she lost, and what country or region she's in? That would tell us what sort of laws there are were she lives, what sort of laws the person who tricked her may have broken.

    As very general advice, I think most legal systems have something along the lines of criminal law and civil law. In English-speaking countries at least, criminal law is about the government suing and punishing people, and civil law is about people and businesses suing and getting restitution. If your sister sues under civil law, that may take more time and money than it's worth. If she reports it to the police, the downside is that providing information and perhaps being called as a witness could take up a lot of her time.
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    What I would do really depends on how much money was involved. And I'm assuming the item she was attempting to purchase was legally available to her? Is your sister an adult?

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    She lives in Egypt n it's basically a chaos there n yes the thing she wanted is legal it was a fashion item , it's not really about the financial loss more than the betrayal from some1 who was suppose to be a role model! And Shez 30 but she recently moved there so she knows nothing n trusted others I guess !
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    That really sucks but stuff like that happens. I've known a few people who've lost money unfairly. I guess if it's not a huge amount I wouldn't go after it if it's going to be too much trouble. Other than that I probably would let people know what happened. I don't know how things work in Egypt though or if it would be unsafe for her to do so in her situation.