Just tried Giovanni Tea Tree Triple it!

I just bought it today and used it as a co-wash. I loved the way my scalp felt afterwards. Anyone else love this as a co wash?
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    I see in your signature that you also use VO5 Vanilla Mint Tea- how would you compare the two? I've considered trying the Giovani TTT for co-washing, but I've found so few conditioners that are light enough/cleansing enough that I'm wary. So far, only the VO5 Vanilla Mint Tea has worked well for me. I hated Suave Coconut, and found that I could use Suave Daily Clarifying or VO5 Kiwi Lime if I absolutely had to (protein is not an issue for me- my hair can't seem to get enough, so it's ironic that I prefer the protein-free conditioner).
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    I've used it and loved it. Now, I use the Trader Joe's version. It's the Tea Tree Tingle. I like it better actually, and it's cheap. I think it's around $3.00 if I remember correctly. And, it doesn't have glycerin. That was a plus for me. It's a 16oz. bottle. You get more for less. :-)
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