Help! I Want my Natural Curls Back! :$

My Hair has been through A Lot!!

First of all I'd say my hair is inbetween 3b & 3c ... and at its best it was about 14inches long

First if all I over straightened my hair until it was nothing but straight frizz! at this point it broke to about 10/9 :'(

Then I decided I wanted my curls back and couldn't wait for it to grow out so I Curly Permed it :S (Stupid Move!!)

Now my hair is about an inch from Shoulder Length :'( :'( and the Ends are dry, brittle, thin and barely curl anymore.

I use clip in curly extensions for length and because I cannot stand my natural hair length and condition.

I try to use silicone free products but I feel as though it leaves my hair feeling terribly dry.

I currently work a lot! And in the mornings have little or no time to pamper my hair so I end up just touching uo the sides to make it presentable during the week and only have the weekends to Pamper my hair with deep conditioning treatments.

Current hair products that i alternate with:
- Mizani purifying shampoo
- Mizani oil based deep conditioner
- Mizani Soft Hair Dress
- Dr. Miracle leave-in conditioner
- Boot's Own- Curl Creme
- Olive oil & argon oil for Scalp

Please could someone give me some advice!?

My hair has gone through the wars and I wish I made better decisions in the past :/ But all I can do now is look forward to a Long! Healthy! Curly! Future :$ :)

With Love,


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  • curlygirl1993curlygirl1993 Posts: 2Registered Users
    The best advice I could give to you is do a lot of deep conditioning it worked for me and now my hair went back to the way it was and it is even better now.
  • ShnccShncc Posts: 8Registered Users
    Ah Awesome!
    What happened to your hair?
    And how long did it take for you yo get it back in good condition? Did you have to grow it all out xx

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