I have no clue what products/methods to use! HELP!

Hello, curlies! Man, am I glad I found this site! I have been lingering around here for a long time, and my hair has improved some since I have been doing CG... but it's still SO frustrating! :confused2:

I haven't had a good hair day all winter. Not even joking. :sad:

I guess I should begin with my hair's properties and my current method... I *THINK* I have my hair's properties all figured out.

Length: Shoulders
Porosity: Low-Med (med on the lower half due to use of bleach :evil4: )
Density: Medium
Width: Medium
Curl Pattern: 2C with some 2b (mostly in my bangs, back of head and underneath and strangely enough... a couple random 3b curls. :tongue7:

Here is what I do...

I shower, using VO5 Strawberries and Cream Moisture Milk. I usually let it sit on my hair for a couple minutes while doing my other shower stuff then detangle with my fingers. (my hair despises wide-toothed combs :cwm10: )

I squeeze/scrunch excess water out, rake/scrunch a smaller amt. of VO5, then blot with a floursack towel or cotton T-Shirt. After that, I usually just rake and scrunch in some Pantene Curly Mousse. (yes I have tried sectioning) I usually get the dreaded pyramid-head and my bangs are CRAZY frizzy and limp. My hair is NUTS! :(

I think my hair doesn't like straight oils... I used a little EVOO on the ends on time and they were shiny/silky, but greasy and poofy. I also used Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Conditioner yesterday and my hair HATED it sooo much!

Please help! I'm going CRAZY over my hair. :( I'm tired of spending a bunch of money and time. I've even thought of getting a relaxer!