Various curl patterns, how to even them out?! what did i do wrong?

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i have 3A curls... down the bottom at least. the longest part of my hair, is definately curly 3a.
BUT my canope, the top of my hair, and a few curls on the side are different. the top is a pathetic limp wave, and the sides are a much looser curl.

im trying to figure out how to get a more even curl pattern. I actually cut the canopy a little bit, thinking it would make it curl more with less weight and then be closer to the lovely 3a's that i have at the bottom, but it did nothing. at all. i have bangs and they are also 3a.

so im not sure whats caused my top and side curls to go less curly. they are like weak waves...
my hair went a bit stupid when i was preggo with my second child... but he is 9 months old now and my hair still hasnt improved.

its healthy enough. its been summer the last few months here so it hasnt even barely been blowdryed, cept with a diffuser a couple times.

I have though, for about 6 months, been wearing my hair up ALOT. too busy to love on it enough to wear it out. plus it was shoulder length and I heard that you have to keep it up if you want it to pass that length. it has done.. just... so it is growing. Would having the top part of my hair pulled back so often, and quite tightly, wreck my curl pattern? if so, can i fix this somehow or do i have to wait for it to grow out? :-(

I have been treating my hair well lately. I used evoo on it which just made it a bit greasy. But I used coconut oil on it last night overnight for the first time, then co-washed this gel. put my hair up super loosely. When i took it out this morning it was beautiful and soft and even fluffy, which for me is good coz i like body. and my hair is shiny so doesnt usually fluff much. was so impressed with the coconut oil! also no-poo routine. Ive used bi-carb to get rid of build up. rotating between a few conditioners that i know work well for me.

my point is, i have treated my curls with enough respect this yr, and thought it would improve my upper curl pattern, it hasnt. The texture and appearance of my hair has certainly improved, but not the curl pattern (on top). the 3A curls seem to be getting curlier and more beautiful...but the others stay the same. mehhh.

is it from wearing my hair up too tight too long? or something else im doing wrong? thanks all !

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