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I have searched this board for type 4 hair and haven’t seen any forums that talk about anyone’s experience with doing the curly girl method, so I decided to give it a shot. I PLAN (emphasis on plan. Lol) on doing this for at least 6 weeks as recommended, and keeping you guys posted on my progress. But what fun is reading about the journey when you don’t have any pictures to go by? So I will also be posting pics as I go along. Anyone who is willing, and is doing the same thing with your type 4 hair, please post your experience and pics as well. Also, If there is someone out there that has tried it, and would like to share their experience, please comment. Advice from those who have been there, done that, and succeeded with type 4 hair is GREATLY appreciated! By the way, I do not have the book on this, and did a google search to find out how to do it, so if I’m missing something, please let me know. I just knew to get products with no silicones, glycerin, castor, or mineral oils. Ok, so here we go…………….

About my hair:
I have type 4, high porosity, thickly densed, confused hair. (I think it’s 3C, 4A—but I could be wrong---with no product, it looks like a really bad relaxer. I don’t really see a curl pattern until it’s wet.) With approximately 3 inches of natural hair (I haven’t bothered to measure, but I will soon), and God knows how much relaxed………A LOT!!! Since transitioning, I have come to refer to my hair as “Sannnnnd Papaaaahh” (in my Chinese man voice). It’s been extremely dry and I think that’s mostly due to the fact that I have absolutely no desire to deal with it b/c of the two textures---so I don’t. To add insult to injury, since my decision to transition, I have learned that I also have Seborrheic Dermatitis. (Yes people, it just got real.) As a relaxed hottie, I was shampooing once a week, so I never saw/dealt with it. But as a Sexy-Curly-Wanna-be, I was avoiding the Noid. Needless to say, this was how I found out about my dermatitis issue. Since the Curly girl method seems to be all about moisture, and I really want to see some definition, and subdue the dermatitis I started my journey yesterday. The following is a recap………

Day 1:
Shampoo’d with Clarifying shampoo (Straight Requests Clarification)

Shampoo’d with As-I-Am Cleansing Conditioner Pudding
I got a sudsing effect that I did not expect with a “conditioner”. At this point, my hair felt completely stripped. I could tell there was absolutely NO moisture WHAT-SO-EVER, and I got a little worried. This process probably took me about 15 minutes between the two. The trouble began on the next step.

Detangleing with Vo5 Conditioner
Instead of separating my hair in to 6 sections like I normally do before I shampoo, I had it in 4. Which was cool until I had to Detangle. It took me over an hour people. I was soooooooooo frustrated!!!!!!!
I combed the relaxed stuff first, which made it a little easier. Then I finger detangled, then ran a comb thru it. But I swear as I was busy untangleing, it was busy RE-tangleing. I couldn’t get past the back quadrant! It just would not stay untangled!!! On top of that, I could still feel that my hair was stripped----AND IT WAS SOPPED WITH CONDITIONER!!! It was like the conditioner was fighting me and did NOT want to go into the strands. It was providing slip, but just barely. I kept gobbing it on, but it didn’t seem to make much difference. So I decided to try spritzing it with my water/proein mix (CHI protein). That helped a little. I think next time I won’t be lazy, and just do my 6 sections like normal! By the time I finished “detangling” I was over it. I ripped some of my hair by raking thru it with the comb just out of shear frustration, so there is no question, I’m going to be doing another mini chop soon. I’m already chopped down to bra strap length now, so with this next chop is going to be amusing to see how much hair I will be left with.

Applied QP Intense conditioner.--Rinsed

Applied Apple Cider Vinegar rinse (1 tbsp ACV to 1 cup distilled water), and rinsed out.

Applied Leave in conditioner. I used the Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk (I think that’s the name). As I did this, my hair was re-tangling. I was fed up.
I slapped some coconut oil/Jojoba oil mixture on top as my sealant, and tried to comb this tragedy into a ponytail and go to bed.

In the morning, I spritzed with water/Chi mixture, and put a bit more Curl and Style Milk on and went on about my day. I look a mess, but at least I got Day 1 over with. I’m PRAYING it gets easier! The below pics are of my hair when I first started, the amount of hair lost throughout the whole process, and what my hair looked like this morning. Pls pretend the gray hair isn’t there. I didn’t even have the energy to cover them! Lol!


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    There are a lot of 4's who are CG or mod-CG like myself. I don't really see a difference for curl type make for CG. IMO it's a matter of what a person's hair likes/dislikes. That's probably why you're not seeing and 4 specific threads about CG.

    Good luck with your transition.
    Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it. :wav:
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    adthomas wrote: »
    There are a lot of 4's who are CG or mod-CG like myself. I don't really see a difference for curl type make for CG. IMO it's a matter of what a person's hair likes/dislikes. That's probably why you're not seeing and 4 specific threads about CG.

    Good luck with your transition.

    ITA, adthomas. I am mod CG as well. I use what my hair likes, hair type doesn't factor in.

    texture - medium/fine, porosity - low/normal, elasticity - normal
    co-wash - NaturelleGrow Coconut Water or Marshmallow Root, Slippery Elm Bark & Blue Malva Cleansing Conditioners
    LI - KCKT mixed w/ SM C & H Curl & Style Milk
    DC - NG Mango & Coconut H2O or Chamomile/Brdck Root
    Gel - SM souffle (winter), KCCC (summer) or CR Naturals Aloe Whipped Butter Gel (year round)
    Sealers - Virgin Coconut Oil, Avocado butter, Aloe butter
    Ayurvedic treatments - Jamila Henna, Sukesh, Aloe Vera Powder, Hibiscus Powder

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    @ adthomas and juanab
    That is nice to know! I honestly thought that it did, as I have heard from others that it is less likely for type 4 hair to respond to this method. It gives me hope. Lol! And thanks for letting me know I am heard. I started to think nobody with my hair type was really concerned about cg method. I see I was wrong.
    For those who have may be reading and are just as curious as I am about the process, here is a recap of my week. It’s been a grueling week, and I must say, I was extremely tempted to give up after day one, but sheer curiosity kept me going. Here is my synopsis.
    When I started, my hair was extremely brittle, and thirstier than I can even describe due to neglect since deciding to transition. After looking into the products that I used on day one of my cg method, I learned that the As I Am cleansing pudding is NOT a conditioner, but another cleanser. Therefore, this is probably the reason my hair felt extremely stripped after clarifying it, and then shampooing again with this product that was NOT actually a conditioner, but a non-sulfate cleanser. The next time I co-washed (day 4), I did the following (in between each co-wash, I sprayed my hair with distilled water each morning/night):
    Co-washed with Vo5
    Rinsed it out and put some more of it in as a leave-in, and detangled
    Due to the stripped feel, I did not use gel. I didn’t feel like the conditioner was thick enough as a leave-in.
    Since my hair still felt stripped, on the next co-wash (day 7), I did the following:
    Deep conditioned with "Naturally" Silk Elements Deep Nourishing Conditioner and let it sit all day, and night while wearing my lunch lady cap and a head wrap.
    The next day, I added a mixture of water and Vo5 conditioner (pre-mixed in a spray bottle) and detangled. I did NOT rinse out the DC. And it took about 45 minutes of doing this while creating a ponytail. (I had to do it in sections, as trying to just do it like I did when I was completely relaxed was an EPIC FAIL the last time!)
    Hair is beginning to feel more like normal, and I have noticed a really good reduction in shedding since doing the finger combing vs. the wide toothed comb! (I still used the comb a lot…..what can I say, it’s a very hard habit to break!)
    In just this one week, I can definitely see more definition without even doing the gel step. However, after doing a bit more reading, I have decided it is too early for me to look for defined curl patterns in my hair since I still have a drastic amount of relaxed hair in comparison to the amount of natural hair. I am going to continue to use CG approved products, but not focus on the outcome of defined curls. Instead, I’m just going to take a page from adthomas’ and Juanab’s books and see what my hair likes/dislikes and focus on moisture, and just chip away at the relaxed hair until the end of my transition, which, if all goes as planned, will be another 2 years and 3 months. (that sounds SOOOOOOO FARRRR FARRRR AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.) I know it was only a week, but for any other 4’s out there considering this process, I think your hair will only benefit from experimenting with it. Just don’t get frustrated and go HAM on your hair when you get frustrated with trying to comb it like I did, and you will probably be ok. Lol. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my rants about the CG method. I tried to attach the pics for the difference between this week and last, but since I am at work, the computer is refusing to accept my download of the pics. If I get a chance to do this from home, I will log back on and upload them later, but you can’t really tell too much difference by the pics alone, so your not missing much. Lol! Have a happy, snappy, nappy day peeps! :o)
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    I am a curly girl! I have 4a, maybe 3c at the top but definately a 4 throughout the rest of my hair. I am on my 5th week of the CG method and I LOVE it! The first few weeks was my hair getting used to the method and me learning what makes my hair happy. I learned that my hair needs to be sealed! I am a product junkie and have subscirbed to curl kit so I get alot of products. Some that work for my hair and some that I use on my babies, who are bi-racial. I have been telling all pf my friends and family, natural or not about the CG method. I think even if you have a perm, using cones, parabens or whatever is not good for your hair. Keep on with the CG method. The book says to give it 6 weeks to see a difference. It took me 4 weeks to see real definition. Good luck to ya!
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    I prefer co-washing (love the Pantene Co-wash) no greater feeling for me. I am using combs less but haven't totally banned them. But I am shooting for no heat, maybe 3 times since November.
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    I really want to go back to swimming a couple of times a week. It's the best cardio in my opinion, but I'm worried about the having to shampoo out the chlorine. If I swim more than once in the week, will it be bad for my hair to use the non-sulfate shampoo that many times? Will that shampoo be able to get the chlorine out? I go home and look at the pool every day, and avoid it for this reason only. (sigh) If anyone has any insight, pls advise. thx! :notworthy:
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    Meka wrote: »
    I prefer co-washing (love the Pantene Co-wash) no greater feeling for me. I am using combs less but haven't totally banned them. But I am shooting for no heat, maybe 3 times since November.

    ?? I've never known Pantene to be CG friendly. That's why I don't do Pantene. But if your hair likes it then by all means use it. CG isn't for everybody. You just have to make sure you are cleansing properly.
    Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it. :wav:
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    In the CG enhanced book, she states if you are a swimmer, to use olive oil to coat your hair before swimming. If you use a cap spray the lining of the cap with olive oil. This will protect the hair from breakage and make it wasier to remove the cap after swimming. Never use shampoo to wash hair after swimming as the combinaiton of chlorine and sulfates in sahmpoo adds a double dose of chemicals to your hair. Cleanse hair after swimming with a sulfate free cleanser or biotanical conditioner and rinse. Then apply another applicaiton of conditioner and either leave it in or do a trickle rinse.

    Hope that helps
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    OMG yes!! Thank you soo much!!! I will be hitting the pool AS SOON as I get home! lol! thx!:occasion5:
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    I am also mod-CG. I've been following it for around 2 years I think. When I first started I used to only use a silicone conditioner when it was wash day. My hair has dramatically changed. It is sooo moisturized and I only finger detangle so that has really helped maximize my curls. I had horrible hair in high school. It was dry and dull and just a big poof. I slowly learned about my hair in the second half of HS. I've learned even more during these last two years in College. It's been a whirlwind. My hair was put through a lot the first year because I swam a lot and didn't know how to take care of it. I have come a long way. I am skeptical about using a conditioner to cleanse the hair after swimming in chlorine. Another tip that I have used is coating your hair with coconut oil and drenching it in water before jumping in the pool. Also, I saw someone review a lemon/citrus hair spray made specifically to remove chlorine from the hair.