Products to keep my from frizzing when I press and curl.

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Whenever I press and curl my hair, it will look good for about an hour- then it gets frizzier and frizzier until eventually it just reverts to its natural 4A curl state, which as beautiful as my curl pattern is- is not cool when I'm trying to rock a different style. I'm not sure if it reverts so easily because it needs more deep conditioning protein treatments, or if it also needs a good post-styling frizz treatment of some kind. So if there's anyone here, who can help- please write back! Thanks.
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    Im sorry but what do you really mean by press and curl? Do you mean straighten or curl with an iron to curl your whole head. If you mean straightening you should post your routine to see what it is that you do and where you might b making a mistake. I find the best way to straighten is to rollerset then flat iron (press out)

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