CG friendly curl creme/lotion?

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I really love curl/styling cremes/lotions as a second day touch-up on my hair, but obviously most have cones. I've gone CG in the past with great results and would like to try again, but am having trouble kicking the creme habit. Can anyone recommend a good, non-sticky curl creme that is CG-friendly? Preferably DS brand, but I'll spend a bit of money if I have to.

Also, my stylist gave me a sample of Kevin Murphy's Motion Lotion and said that it was CG-friendly. I do love it (although expensive), but it appears to have Mineral Oil and Peg-12 Dimethicone. Should I stay away from it?



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    PEG silicones are water soluble (i.e. you can co-wash while using) and mineral oil is a personal preference. I can seal with straight baby oil without issues, even when co-washing, but some people don't care for it.
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    Ppg cones are also water soluble.