Help, need cut bad but scared

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Ok, I naturally have 3B mostly some 3A, very damaged dry hair. I flat iron often, but also curl with an iron to give a nice wave/curl that can last for 4 days or so. But this has killed my hair. It is about bra strap length straight and layered but I would say about 3-4 inches is dead dry split ends.
I need a cut bad, I am scared to cut it because of the curl.
I had wavy curly 2 type hair when I was younger, I chopped off waist length hair to my chin when I was 12, I had shirley temple ringlets after that and once I found a flat iron I rarely let people see my curls.I usually trim myself, last time I went somewhere she did a blunt cut with barely any layers, I had to fix it at home... I have a very fat round face (even if I were thinner I have a very round face) I have no idea what kind of cut would work well with my face shape, but I also need to try to embrace my curls and get my hair healthy again. I know I need to start fresh and do a healthy grow back. BUT no idea about cut type, and where to go in my small town (about an hour north of Nashville) how can I find a good stylist who will really know curls and LISTEN.
ALSO product advice?
I have a very itchy scalp, and some dandruff. I am also loosing a ton of hair (most of that is due to having a baby 6 months ago)
I have tried the au'natural method of baking soda wash and vinegar rinse, it is ok it cleared out a lot of build up, but left me feeling very dry and brittle, (I kept at it for about two months and it never worked into a normal) I still use baking soda every once and awhile to help cleanse. I know everyone is different but I need to find something that will work to clean it up, keep the scalp moisturized and get the natural oil back in my curl.. I currently use a biolage hydrating set, usually leave some conditioner in, aussie gel, some treseme cream and spray gel, no set pattern to how I do my curls.. Also to clarify when I straighten or iron curl my hair I put nothing on it, but when I do real curls nothing ever seems to work :(

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