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Egg made my head sooo itchy... So, protein sensitive??

Curls&AgapeCurls&Agape Posts: 52Registered Users
Hi all, I did an egg treatment on my scalp/hair last year, and within one minute of the disgusting mess being on my head I was itchy as hell. Couldn't bare it for more than about 5 mins and rinsed it out thoroughly and went nuts co-washing it out. I know it didn't make my hair feel or look any better in the slightest. I can't remember if it made it worse or not. But ooh the itching. I can eat eggs so its not an "allergy". I'm assuming I'm protein sensitive... Correct? If so what does that mean for me other than not mooshing egg into my head lol.

I don't know if its relevant to add or not, but I did an apple cider vinegar rinse once and afterwards my hair was insanely dry and stringy... Far Worse than what any sulfates have ever done to my hair. It felt like straw and was so damn porous afterwards I had to condition it 3x in two days to get it to settle down. Was horrid. Don't understand.
I also did the whole, mix honey into your conditioner thing... Which may have helped with curl definition a little... And certainly made my hair shinier. But it didn't give "amazing" results like everyone says it does for them.

3a, crazy high porosity, medium density, width: fine, length medium. Coloured dark brown about 3x a yr.


  • Corrina777Corrina777 Posts: 3,193Registered Users
    I know some people use eggs for their hair, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I prefer gelatin. Based on your hair properties, you should not have an issue with protein. Have you checked your current products? Chances are that at least some of them have protein (hydrolyzed protein, amino acids, keratin, etc). How your hair feel when you use those products will give a better indication than putting egg in your hair (I used to do egg white masks on my face, just the thought of eggs in my hair makes my scalp itch, too, and my hair loves protein).
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  • Curls&AgapeCurls&Agape Posts: 52Registered Users
    thank you for your advice!
    Yeh the egg in my hair was absolutely the most desgusting feeling on earth yuuck. wouldnt recommend it hahaha.

    just checked the conditioners in my shower and my favourite has so many proteins in it, as far as i can tell anyway, dont know much about protein yet...

    citric acid? rice amino acids, soy protein...that three at a glance that dont have fancy names lolll.

    the other one has wheat germ oil high on the list and citric acid low on it (if thats a protein)...



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