Help me troubleshoot tangles!

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I began CG about a month ago. Since then, my tangles have greatly improved and my hair is keeping its shape better. but it is STILL super tangley and not functional.

What do you suggest for my cleansing/styling routine so that my hair is more manageable? I don't know if I should use the Elucense shampoo (sulfate-free) each time I wash, if I should co-wash, when to use one gel over the other, etc... Please read on and help me trouble shoot :)

My Hair:
Wavy with a spring factor of 2-3 inches, and some spirals. Fine, normal porosity, average thickness, and it falls at the mid-bicep. I think 2B describes me on this site pretty well. My hair began to curl when I was 11 and started puberty. No hair dye and I had a trim less than a month ago.

What I've been doing:
-I was my hair every 2-3 days
1-Rinse hair while cupping at the bottom
2-Elucense Moisture Benefits Shampoo. I use circular motions on my scalp and cup/scrunch while rinsing
3-Apply Elucense or Aubrey Organics GPB Conditioner to the middle of my hair and down. I'm using a palmful, but I have to go back and add more at the knots. I also have KCKT at my disposal.
4-I brush the conditioner through using my fingers and detangle. This is the part that takes FOREVER, and by FOREVER I mean like 30 minutes. The tangles are much much smaller than before CG when I was using a wide-toothed comb and having at it, but I feel really guilty about wasting water and I don't have this kind of time!
5-cup/scrunch to rinse
6-Microfiber scrunch/squeeze
7-Scrunch in gel. I just figured out that I need to use a lot of gel so I'm having a lot less halo frizz and static. In the pictures I'm posting, I used LA looks sport gel, but I have KCCC and CK also at my disposal.
8-Clip at roots and let dry or use a bowl diffuser.

I also need help with how to REVIVE curls without going overboard. I made lavender water, glisten to me, and spray gel (I made with the LA looks) I can use. I don't really know how to tell if I need more gel, and things can end a little crunchy and frizzy if I'm not careful.

I sleep on a satin pillowcase, and I ball by hair into a bun and add a little spray gel at night.

With ALL THAT in mind, what should I do? I want to take a shower that isn't longer than 10 minutes.

I'm really interested in moving to a more DIY, green, fragrance-free hair regimen, but I would also like to use what I have so that I'm not so wasteful.

I also posted this in the no-poo section as I am really unsure of what I'm missing in terms of washing, but then I realized that I would really want WAVY girl input on styling/refreshing/sleeping.

I just started a blog, and I posted pictures of my hair on it yesterday (April 14, 2013)
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    Honestly, long curly hair just tangles. Mine is fine until it gets about shoulder length and then it starts tangling like crazy. Combing it in the shower with tons of conditioner could help. I'm sorry I'm not much more help. ;)
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    My hair does ok with no shampoo and that cuts down on the tangles for me. When I wash with shampoo it comes out in some crazy knots. Can you eliminate shampoo?

    I bought some Tresemme Naturals conditioner about two weeks ago and that stuff has a lot of slip in it. Tangles come right on out. I use it to comb through my hair with my fingers at the end of my showers (I use it at a leave in).

    In general though I never attempt to remove all the tangles when I wear my hair curly. As soon as it dries it will be in tangles anyway. I've always assumed that curly hair = tangled hair. Ha! Well, tangled to some degree.

    At the end of my shower I flip my head over, get a small bit of the TN and squish into my hair and remove any big tangles at that time. Then I get a palm full of honey, rub my hands together to smear it all around and scrunch that into my hair. I get out and do the same with AVG and some product.
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    I'm a wavy with major tangle issues! But, my hair has a large amount of cuticle damage from colour, which yours doesn't, so I'm not sure why it is tangling so much as to take 30 mins to detangle. Also, just saw your pics and it appears in really good condition, it looks great!

    The only thing I'm wondering is if you're starting your detangling with a very large amount of tangles due to something in your routine - maybe trying different gels or stylers would be worth a go? I'm not the best person to comment because I'm not good at making stylers work, but I always find by second day my hair is incredibly tangled with gel in. I think the best thing would be to let the water run through your hair removing some of the product, then detangle the length gently, from the ends up, and dipping in and out of running water, with a slippy conditioner. Then co wash or shampoo the scalp only, without disturbing the hair. I know it says in the CG book to scrunch as you wash but I couldn't do that with shampoo as it would cause to much tangling. There isn't much point if you have to make raking/downward movements to detangle after anyway, which most of us do. Once rinsed apply conditioner again. Try to keep the amount of tangling caused by the cleanse stage to a minimum.

    When it comes to the tangles you're trying to get out with conditioner, consider what stage they all arrive - is it between washes, during shampoo etc. It might be helpful to wash a day earlier, or try co washing some of the time.
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    I find that the more product I use the more tangles I have. If I use a lot of product, I absolutely have to wash my hair every other day...less product means less tangles, so I can usually go 3 days without massive tangles. It also helps me if at night before bed I scrunch in some Jane Carter nourish and shine before I pineapple (or at least something moisturizing).

    Yesterday I washed and used my mousse and just a tiny bit of the deva spray gel and let air dry. Last night I used JCNS before pinappling and my hair looked really good this morning. I just scrunched in a bit more JCNS and sprayed with just a bit of water with Shea Moisture curl and shine milk. No added product, so I'll probably get 3rd day hair!

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    I don't mean to sound dense, but since I didn't know how to detangle properly before I found this site....just wanted to make sure you detangle from the ends UP to the roots? I used to just barrel through it from roots to ends. Also, check out the Denman brush- awesome for detangling.
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    I think I might also be one of those people where it is mo' products mo' problems (sorry, nerdy reference). I realized that a protein treatment helped me hair a TON and a deep conditioning treatment made my hair matted and awful so I think I've been overconditioning.

    Ok, sorry in advance that I do some thinking out loud here, but please hang in because I really could use your expertise :) ...

    I've overlooked my porosity and texture when choosing products, for sure. I have very very fine hair, but I've always been told I had a lot of it. My hair can get really flat on top really quickly.

    I'm still not sure about my porosity, and I think it is hard to tell with as fine of hair as I have. Like, a lot of oils and products sit on top of my hair. If I let my hair dry without product, it dries fast but it takes FOREVER if I use a product with a humectant.

    My hair is now 1/2 way between my shoulders and my elbows and it has never been that long since my hair became wavy during puberty.

    When my hair was around chin length what worked was: Bumble and Bumble Beach Spray, Bedhead Manipulator, Aveda Be Curly Curl Creme, and ALWAYS a little hairspray on top. But these products were when I was using a sulfate shampoo, and when I used to dye my hair a lot. So my hair isn't as porous/damaged as it used to be. This was also before I cared about avoiding parabens and other chemicals that can hurt my body as well as ones like silicones that are bad for the environment.

    I'm thinking that there may be something to my always using hair spray at the end of my regimens that worked. That is, that the hairspray had anti-humectant properties but a lot of those products had moisturizers underneath. So maybe the hair spray sealed off excess moisture coming in, the drying properties of the alcohol kinda ate up some of the greasyness, and the crunch of the product didn't break down to give me enough support while still looking soft.

    Do you think I should maybe try a mousse and then layer a anti-humectant strong hold gel on top lightly?

    Also, someone wrote about leaving some tangles in? How much tangle can you leave in?

    I think using a comb and fingers is making me a perfectionist. And being a perfectionist is probably doing mechanical damage to my hair.
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    My hair is bra strap length, I do most of my washing, product application, diffusing etc right side up or tilted to the side. I agree with the poster who said its pretty useless to cup your hair to rinse if you're just going to detangle after. Washing your hair, even cowashing, is going to tangle your hair, I would recommend letting the water 'rinse' most of the tangles out. Also, I haven't used Elucence but GPB isn't very slippy and it contains isopropyl alcohol and witch hazel which is an astringent. I use it too, but I wouldn't expect it to detangle well. Try to find a RO with more slip, start detangling from the bottom with a wide toothed comb and give your hair a quick rinse if its getting too dry, wet conditioner is way more slippery than what comes out of the bottle. Also, if you haven't had a trim lately I would try that too, when ends start getting frayed they are more likely to tangle and I've found that once they do they continue to until trimmed off.
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