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products and scents...

I don't think I care too much what a product smells like.... EXCEPT for the Redken Fresh Curls... I like smelling feminine... and that stuff smells like men's cologne or aftershave... :(
3 b/c curls with bangs.
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  • redbedheadredbedhead Posts: 25Registered Users
    I love good smelling products, especially if a very light scent lingers. Aveda products smell awesome (as do the Aura knockoffs), the pina colada scented Paul Mitchell Shampoo, Biolage, and various lotions from Bath & Body Works. The only product I used that didn't smell so great was PM Sculpting Foam, but only because the smell went away.
    Shampoo: anything that smells good and empties my wallet
    Conditioner: ditto
    Mousse: experimenting, but currently HE and Sunsilk.
    Gel: When my hair was longer, I LOVED Batia and Aleeza, combined with ABBA.
  • cyndicyndi Posts: 3,341Registered Users
    Redken's new Smooth Down also smells very masculine -- I don't want people to think I'm wearing men's cologne. And if I had a boyfriend right now, he might think that I had been hanging out with another guy! Seriously, it smells like men's cologne!
    I think that I deceive genius.:happy10:
  • TorgoTorgo Posts: 1Registered Users
    Herbal Essences work decent for me, but the scent is WAY too strong for me & makes me sneeze :(
  • rubyloxxrubyloxx Posts: 88Registered Users
    Torgo wrote:
    Herbal Essences work decent for me, but the scent is WAY too strong for me & makes me sneeze :(

    I used the pink one with the roses a few years ago... 5? I was still in HS. I remember people standing 5 feet away from me asking if I used Herbal Essences... they said it smelled good... So yeah, it was strong!
    3 b/c curls with bangs.
  • starinastarina Posts: 665Registered Users
    I don't usually pick a product because of how it smells, but if it smells good, that's a plus! I love the smell of Nature's Gate Organic Lavender and Aloe shampoo which is great because it's my fave shampoo! I don't like things that are real overpowering or sickly-sweet smelling though.
    I have 3A hair. I've discovered Jessicurl shampoo and Too Shea conditioner and I'm thrilled! Long-time LA Looks sport gel user.
  • dontbrushmicurlsdontbrushmicurls Posts: 2Registered Users
    I love the way Thermasilk stuff smells, so sometimes I use the shampoo, but it can get kinda drying. The conditioner is way too cone-y for me. The scent reminds me of a feminine counterpart to Suave for Men Clarifying shampoo, which my boyfriend uses and I love.
    Dark brown fine 2A/3A layered above-shoulders.
    Johnson and Johnson's honey baby shampoo. Leave-in: Generic PM The Cream. Coconut oil on dry hair for shine and definition.
    And don't brush!!!

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