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Hi everyone, I just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Jen and have recently decided to stop trying to fight my wavy hair. I am a BIT familiar with the Curly Girl method because I started using it on my daughter's hair about a year ago (although we've 'slipped' a bit). I just had my hair cut a couple of days ago and have started using L'Oreal Ever Curl cleansing conditioner and curl cream (might not be the exact right names.) On my daughter I've been using Suave coconut condition for a co-wash and Garnier Nutriese for a heavier conditioner. She has CRAZY frizz since she goes to bed with mostly wet hair after a bath.

I am curious though, how long does it take to get 'down' all the stuff about your hair? Like the porosity, the protein, what it needs, etc. I read through here and it's kinda overwhelming, like I'll never get it all. Is it better to explore through here, or get the CG book too?


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    Welcome, jenlop! :wave: It usually doesn't take long to catch on to the basics but finding the right products and routines can take some patience. This link was very helpful to me when I started:
    Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics
    Read through the boards, use the search engine above for specific queries, and ask questions when you have them. Folks around here are pretty friendly.
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