Curlformers and luvnaturals. Great combo

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I did a roller set last night using my curlformers and luvnaturals leave in. I usually use Jane carter wrap & roll foam but decided to try the leave in after seeing kimmaytubes latest video of her results using the leave in to do a roller set. It turned out great. I think I've found my HG products. I've been using her products since January for everything from wash and go, twist outs , and now a roller set. I just started back using my fotki so I'll try to upload more pictures in the future. ImageUploadedByCurlTalk1365962089.558079.jpg
last perm 4/07, BC 3/08, currently trying to grow out hair.

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    I like the leave in and the cleansing wash. I wish it came in a larger size.