Struggling through the first 2 weeks, help!

ellouisedellouised Registered Users Posts: 8
Hi ladies!

About 2 weeks ago I started using silicone and sulfate free products and now only shampoo about once a week with a product called Nature's Organics - Organic Care Dry Nourish which is a supermarket brand here in Australia. Their range is Sles, Sls, Ales, Als free which is perfect for me since I am still co washing every 2/3 days.

I am a 2a/2b and have fine, very dense medium porosity hair which is dry more than anything else due to colouring.

I was expecting my hair to start looking bit oily and gunky around the 1-2 week mark of co washing but I did not think it would be this bad. It feels like I have a weeks worth of build up in there, but I am not using any silicone products at all, only the shampoo and conditioner I mentioned before.

Could someone please have a look at the ingedients for me and let me know if this is the wrong product to be using? Or am I doing something else wrong?

MSDS - Ingredients:

Product Wesbite: Dry Nourish Shampoo & Conditioner ~ 400ml

Thanks! :)


  • mimixmimix Registered Users Posts: 12
    You have to scrub your scalp a few minutes every time you cowash, did you do that?
  • ellouisedellouised Registered Users Posts: 8
    I gently massage my scalp for a couple of minutes while the conditioner is in, but it doesn't seem to make much difference. I just read somewhere that tipping your head upside down and massaging in the shower is supposed to work better so i might give that a try although I'm a bit sceptical.
  • laura1982laura1982 Registered Users Posts: 69
    Try an apple cider vinegar or baking soda rinse - I phased in CG - I have an organic herbal shampoo that I now use once a week (after slowly cutting down) or I do ACV or baking soda depending on how yuk my hair feels... But it's still early days for me too.

    When I first started my hair felt gross but discovered I still had a product with silicone in, as soon as I changed it all was good :)
  • mimixmimix Registered Users Posts: 12
    You could also try to mix some sulfate free shampoo (baby shampoo for example) with your cowash conditioner and see how that works
  • chloe92uschloe92us Registered Users Posts: 1,203 Curl Neophyte
    The shampoo has dimethicone pretty high on the list, so the conditioner probably does too...that is, according to the link you posted.
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  • Curls&AgapeCurls&Agape Registered Users Posts: 52
    hi!there is silicone in that list, high on the list too. without sulfate its no wonder your hair feels as it does! Youll have to do one last sulfate wash to get those cones out... then start again with a new shampoo and conditioner. or new co wash and conditioner. im in Aus too! i recommend:Sukin - natural range you can get from most chemists and some health stores. its not too expensive, unlike the popular "alchemy" brand which is a ridiculous price, and in my opinion, sukin is lighter, smells nicer and better all round. try it!! there is a new one called "Bodhi Me". ive only seen it in one chemist. also natural. works well but STINKS like a hippie. so natural ugh. lolll. if you like the botanical scent go for it.lastly, if you dont mind spending more, Allevi8 by DeLorenzo is amazing. Its in a purple bottle, its a salon brand but has no harsh ingredients. in price attack youll find smaller bottles for about $23 so a bit costly if your used to supermarket brands... but excellent stuff. just maybe use it for special occasions? i switch between that and cheaper brands so over the year, the cost evens out. I buy mine on ebay, two for $60, really big ones that last me AGES. Tresseme naturals has a no silicone and no sulfate range (not to be mistaken for the "low sulfate" range) i use that for my co-wash. Its not moisturising enough for me to leave in, but i do use it when i do my sugar wash as its cheap, and thinner than other conditioners so easier to rub the scalp with.priceline used to sell a Pears brand conditioner for like $2 a bottle that was cone free, it was awesome. I used it on my daughter coz it not only smelt sweet but wasnt too heavy to leave HEAPS of it in (which my daughter needs). they stopped selling it in my priceline but doesnt mean you wont be able to get it at yours far as humidity fighting goes, im still working that one out. any leave ins, or creams etc havent done much for me in this insane humidity that WA is having at the moment.

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