did i lose my curl?

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when i was 13, my hair became curly. (3A curls) I was able to straighten it but when it dried it became curly, exactly like if i curled it with a wand. Soft and healthy. Whenever i would straighten it my layers would flip out, so i bought John Frieda Curly to Straight Straightening Spray which helped a lot when i straighted my hair. I used that for about six and noticed that my hair lost the pretty curl i once had. Now it's kinky, wavy, frizzy and not as pretty as it was before. I've tried different shampoos and styling products but nothing has worked so far. Any home remedies or others products that could help me get my curl back? Will I ever get my curl back? HELP!


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    If you have been flat ironing your hair for a long time your hair is probably fried and damaged which results in lost of curl. I had been straightening my hair for more than 10 yrs and thought the same but once your hair gets healthy and you cut off the dry damaged hair your curls will come back. I suggest doing a protein treatment. It helps repair the damage strands and perks the curls up. Also I would stop straightening your hair and try natural products to prevent future damage. Hope this helps. :)
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    I had the same problem, but it was only on my bangs. I straightened them everyday for a year with hardly any heat protection. They went straight permanently for forvever after I stopped!! Lol. Then I got a Keratin treatment. You should really look into those; I've been telling everyone to. It's like a Brazialian blowout, but It's specifically for helping your hair get back to your natural, healthy state. It helped me soooo much. Now I have a loose curl like the kind you said you used to have on my bangs.

    Keratin <3 it's good for ya. Just look up the kind without formaldehyde.
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