Banding on 3c Hair?

midori_vertmidori_vert Registered Users Posts: 33
I refuse to put heat on my hair, so I researched the banding method. I wanted to know if any other 3c's here have banded their hair. What were your results? I'm sitting here looking like Kriss-Cross, in fear of taking my hair down tomorrow.

Note: I am not an alien, I promise. It's just a face pulp mask.

Hair Type: 3C (Curls and Kinks)
Hair Texture: Medium
Porosity: Normal
Elasticity: High
Volume: Normal
Density: High

Relaxed for: 13 years
Big Chop / Went Natural: August 2009

Current Hair Length: About 1 ft (stretched)
Goal Hair Length: 4.3 ft / Bra-strap length unstretched

Regimen: Detangle, Shampoo and Condition 1-2x a month, leave-in moisturizer daily, deep condition 4x a year. NO heat (ever), NO combing when dry.


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