New Curl Gal

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Hi everyone,

I am a new curl gal over here. Actually, I did my big chop back in 2003 after I removed single braids from my hair. I always knew that my hair was fine, but I never thought that my hair would break off as bad as it did. After this lady removed my singles from my hair, I went home and the next day decided to wash my hair and little did I know that my hair would become infused together. YIKES!!! Anyhow, after the big chop my best friend at the time met me at her beauticians salon and brought cheese, crackers, and wine to help me get through my tears. I was terrified because I NEVER had short hair in my life. After the chop, I went to work that following Monday as a brand new person with shorter hair and I do mean short. (LOL) It was at that time, that I knew that I could wear my hair short or long. :-) I've received lots of compliments on my waves, curls, and coils. I think the biggest issue that I have yet to figure out for myself is how to get rid of this frizz. Sometimes, I look like the lion king's wife. Serious. So, any suggestions or tips are always appreciated. Thanks so much!


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    Hi!! I'm new too! Hope your journey continues to be rewarding!
    Hair Type: 3C (Curls and Kinks)
    Hair Texture: Medium
    Porosity: Normal
    Elasticity: High
    Volume: Normal
    Density: High

    Relaxed for: 13 years
    Big Chop / Went Natural: August 2009

    Current Hair Length: About 1 ft (stretched)
    Goal Hair Length: 4.3 ft / Bra-strap length unstretched

    Regimen: Detangle, Shampoo and Condition 1-2x a month, leave-in moisturizer daily, deep condition 4x a year. NO heat (ever), NO combing when dry.