Explaining to Hubby?

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My two youngest (5 and 2) are curly girls. Their hair is pretty soft and fine and - I think - not super-porous. Probably somewhere on the brink of 2/3. (5yo's hair, as an infant, would twirl up into tiny little curls on top of her head when we toweled it after bathing, but they relaxed out a lot as they dried. Now they both have long hair, so it's weighed down a bit.)

We've never shampooed it much - about once a week - and I think that has stood them in good stead. But I haven't been consciously using the CG method with them.

I'd like to start, if just to give them a head-start on understanding how best to care for it as they get older. But hubby doesn't understand the idea of not using shampoo or - worse - never brushing it! He actually has quite curly hair himself (if he grew it out, he'd have sausage curls), but he cuts it short regularly, unlike our girls, so damage, tangles, etc. aren't really issues. (He definitely understands the importance of a good cut, though!)

Any suggestions for how to explain the "why" to him, without making him read the whole CG book? (He's not stubborn or anything; he just doesn't "get" it.)

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