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I'm a wavy girl, trying to transition to the CG method, but struggling because my hair is that "in-between" texture.

Apparently, I had some wave as a toddler (as recent photographic discoveries attest), but from preschool on, my hair was straight. Bone straight. Would not take a curl of any kind, for anything. I don't know when it transitioned again - during pregnancy, I think - but a few years ago, a stylist asked me about my waves, and I pretty much said, "What waves?" lol

Right now I think my hair is about a 2A, but I suspect there's potential there for 2B, if I could figure out how to work with it. As it is, it just gets to looking unkempt or frizzy. I can't not brush, or it looks like - well, like I *forgot* to brush it. But then it's frizzy/poufy from being brushed. (I guess it will get past that eventually?)

I had already transitioned away from using chemical-based products so I'm only putting all-natural stuff in/on myself, so I'd really like to find all-natural products I can use with the CG method that won't break the bank. Any suggestions are welcome!


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    I'm new myself and received some great suggestions over here: (I hope the link works, doing this in my phone lol)

    I've been starting simple and changing only one product at a time so I can get a good feel for how my hair reacts to certain products and ingredients.

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    Fine hair, normal porosity. Still experimenting to determine moisture and protein preferences.

    So far.....
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