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Hello everyone. I've been natural for some time now but I've recently started taking better care of my hair. I'm trying to use all natural products for my hair. I've gotten better results with using mango butter, rosemary oil, peppermint oil (severe dry scalp) and brahmi/alma powder. I'm looking for an all natural co-wash, even if it's something I can make at home. Any suggestions? I'm still not sure of my hair type. I would say 3C and 4A mostly in the back. What do you guys think? :blob2:


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    first of all welcome to this community and i would like to inform you that you need may try using amla water to make your hair shiny and silky soft....
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    Hii!! I have 3c hair too! I have found that any products that have coconut oil in it work wonders in my hair. The As I Am line is pretty natural and every product in the line contains coconut oil. I also use expeller pressed organic virgin coconut oil by itself. My hair eats it up! ImageUploadedByCurlTalk1365811153.545189.jpg
    Hair Type: 3C (Curls and Kinks)
    Hair Texture: Medium
    Porosity: Normal
    Elasticity: High
    Volume: Normal
    Density: High

    Relaxed for: 13 years
    Big Chop / Went Natural: August 2009

    Current Hair Length: About 1 ft (stretched)
    Goal Hair Length: 4.3 ft / Bra-strap length unstretched

    Regimen: Detangle, Shampoo and Condition 1-2x a month, leave-in moisturizer daily, deep condition 4x a year. NO heat (ever), NO combing when dry.