Argan Magic Conditioner

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I bought this because lately my hair has become immune to my Aussie Moist, which has been my staple conditioner for four years. It was on sale at TJ Maxx and I figured I would try it b/c I have pretty much tried all the drugstore products with less than stellar results.

I went to the line and the cashier also had curly hair, looked at what I was buying and said: "Oh, you are going to love this!"


My hair is detangled
When it dries it feels the softest it has ever been with product. It literally feels like I've spent a day at the ocean but without the frizz of being at the ocean.
Very minimal frizz
Doesn't have a strong scent so it doesn't compete with my perfume
Huge bottle.
No parabens.
I don't think there are cones but you may have to double check.
My hair just feels so amazing.

Hard to find
Usually pretty expensive. I got mine for 10.99 for 32 oz but that was discounted.
Watery. I have to use a ton because it feels really watered down which I'm not used to because I'm used to the Aussie consistency. I don't like that it slips out of my hand if I'm not careful. I wish it was thicker so I didn't have to use as much.


Hope this is helpful!
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    The Argan Restorative Hair Mask is thicker and you don't have to use as much.

    The line used to be carried at CVS. You can also order online, but it's expensive. So, whenever I see the mask at TJ Maxx, I buy as many as possible! The styling cream is good, too.
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    This product seems to work well with my hair. But I don't see many raves about it around this community.

    Is it CG method approved?