Gentler ways to keep hair up than ponytail?

KrisHousley13KrisHousley13 Registered Users Posts: 50
I've found that birth control and antidepressants can make hair straighter. Im on both and I've gone from 3b to less dense 2b-c hair.
I wonder if hair pulled back for work a lot of the time causes curl loss. My hair has 2c properties at the ends where its not pulled back by the ponytail. I use ouchless scrunchies or a claw clip for my hair. Anyone know of gentler methods to keep hair up?
2b/2c, Med density, Med Porosity, Fine/Med width, Med length, layers start below ears. Just my shot in the dark for my hair properties. Growing out bleached highlights Fall 2012, growing out dyed hair March 2013. Makes for a confusing mix of properties. Learning how different processes affect hair properties. Using lot of drugstore products right now. Determining what's right for my hair in my climate. Pittsburgh has a little bit of everything weather wise. Modified CGM since March 2013.

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