Good protein conditioner recs?

Iv been experimenting with the gelatin protein treatment and last time I doubled the amount and left it on with hear for over an hour while I watched a film and my hair wasn't stiff or dry at all and I had good results. So I think my hair adores protein! I'm thinking of alternating my darceys pumpkin seed conditioner with a protein one, I live in England so it has to be one I can get here. I heard aubreys organics glycogen protein conditioner is good? And can anyone recommend a deep treatment protein or moisture based? I've been using shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie.


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    i love curl junkie repair me -- it is an extremely conditioning deep protein treatment. check it out.

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    rbb wrote: »
    i love curl junkie repair me -- it is an extremely conditioning deep protein treatment. check it out.

    1+ the CJ repair was actually too moisturizing for my hair:goofy:...but still was a great product..I really like aubrey GPB conditioner...i can use it with every i can save time by not having to do a 30-hour long PT/DT treatments..
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    I like the Aphogee Kertain 2 Minute conditioner. You can pick it up from Sally's. A really good dose of protein that doesn't need all the fuss of a protein treatment. The directions say to just put it on after you wash then style your hair after as usual.
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    Thanks everyone il look at them :) now iv finally found what my hair has been crying out for my inner product junkie is very excited
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    EO Keratin conditioner coconut & hibiscus, contains LOTS of proteins and is also conditioning. This is probably the best product I personally ever tried.

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