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curldiva012curldiva012 Registered Users Posts: 55
I have 3c hair with normal - high porosity. Can anyone help me find some products that may help me retain moisture & keep down frizz?


  • BeckaMeadowBeckaMeadow Registered Users Posts: 4
    I find smoothing vitamin e oil into my hair when it's dry really helps a lot. A little goes a long way so do small amounts at a time and if you find you need more then build on a little. I also really enjoy RNB hair moisturizer from a Canadian brand called Lush. They don't test on animals but they do use sulfates and parabens in a lot of their products so be sure to read the labels before you buy to see if it's something you believe in putting into your hair. The vitamin e oil I use is from Jason.

    You can also apply organic virgin unrefined coconut oil onto your hair before you shampoo it.

    Hope this helps
  • Imani530Imani530 Registered Users Posts: 58
    Deep conditioning once every week should help, and I use Naturally You hydrating my curls pudding & Tee trea oil hair and body moisturizers.
  • curldiva012curldiva012 Registered Users Posts: 55
    Thanks ladies.

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