I have 3A hair in the front but not the back?

ThatsYaisyThatsYaisy Posts: 1Registered Users
I used to have silky straight hair but over the years my hair has been transitioning in sections to curly. My front and side hairs are all curly . The back of my hair doesn't curl up like the front. it doesn't even really wave either. Half of my head is curly, how do I make the back curly naturally?


  • MedusaWarriorMedusaWarrior Posts: 66Registered Users
    Is it possible for you to upload a picture and tell us your hair properties? It would then be easier to advise you :)
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  • maddyloumaddylou Posts: 1Registered Users
    I have the same problem!!! I have 3a curls in the front and sides and 2bish in the top section of the back of my hair and the majority of the bottom is straight. I put in a curl defining product and mousse, then finger curl and diffuse my hair upside down and that helps to blend my different types together.
  • curllover28curllover28 Posts: 15Registered Users
    I have the same problem! I posted a question like yours a year or two ago and some said that your hair may have too much product in it, weighing it down, and some said to get a satin pillowcase, I hope this helps!

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